Monday, March 8, 2010

The Philadelphia Eagles signed with the external procedures is about 5 years

This week, Philadelphia Eagles and the outer took Jason - A-aventis signed a five-year contract. A-Aventis is a restricted free agent, as the external force the hands of the Philadelphia season, he has created a career-high 41 catches for a total of 587 yards, as well as three touchdowns.
"Jason - A-Aventis has developed into our offensive group, the most reliable and most efficient player," coach Andy - Reid said. "His body, his tenacity, and he has been the respect of his teammates. Jason playing in the right way, he competes on a daily basis, whether in competition or in training."

A Levant fourth-round draft pick in 2006, was selected in his four seasons there are 103 times the ball and 8 touchdowns. He has skills to make a tighter grasp the ball. 37 3 Alvin unique profile of the ball within the offense, including 32 attack on a stall in the catch.

"Jason is an important part of our offense, we are very pleased and that he signed a long-term contract," general manager Howie - Rothman said. "I really admire his attitude towards the game and his attitude toward life in peacetime."