Thursday, March 25, 2010

Patriots rout Steelers

Patriot victory at a time when the momentum seemed unstoppable, the kites and crows almost topple Patriots. Gate of Life has always been eager to find a patriot of the team seemed to suddenly find the loopholes in the Patriot defense: linebacker aging, cornerback and the halfback who often leak, Moss is not a superman, Brady can also be engaged in halo blitz. So the emergence of this week, Steelers people think that this will be a chance to stop the Patriot. But the Patriot deal with the Steelers in the first half, the third quarter will easily pull away from the end of 34 to 13 victory over Steelers. Super-class team and first-rate gap between the teams is very obvious. Steelers advance pretty good in the first half, accounting for most of the point of time, but can not be successfully attacked two touchdowns, ending only in penalties, loss of opportunity. The Patriot touchdowns, has demonstrated the understatement of the recipe after the push deep touchdowns, did not need the ball time. But also no ground attack, the audience red ball only 22 yards, just relying on aerial bombardment, Brady four touchdowns to easily get to. Moss two touchdowns in the Steelers defense positions, such as into the country unhindered. Patriots the last three games, two at home on air-jet machine and dolphins, the last week away to the giant, 16 straight victories has become a foregone conclusion and I am afraid. III Brady and Moss a wonderful tricks and tactics (video), is almost at the 40th session of the Steelers Super Bowl victory over Seahawks in a replica of touchdowns.