Thursday, March 4, 2010

England only to talk about performance bonuses

Since hired as national team coach Fabio Capello, England's World Cup trip a lot easier, after qualifying victory qualified the FA seem to see the hope, now that they promised there would be a team of up to 5.5 million pounds bonus injection can be marked with the main players during the World Cup will each be able to obtain 40 million pounds (about 400 million yuan).

5.5 million pounds is not a small sum, but compared with the first prize in Spain on a bit pathetic, but it must be pointed out that the FA did not give the team to develop the specific objectives of the World Cup, that is, no matter what kicked out of games, This bonus will be spending, from this perspective, the England national team is quite happy, and in the World Cup qualifying promotion, the team's main players have been nearly 30 million pounds prize money. In contrast, FA is more generous to the coach, coach Fabio Capello in qualifying bonus up to one million pounds --- This is the original contract Well, if England win the World Cup, Fabio Capello than the team members to take is much the same prize is 100 million pounds.