Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Colt lost a great champion does not cover the season shine

Reggie - Wayne ready to interview him just staring at the reporters that he was not troubled by the problem reporters, but did not believe the Colts even lost his hometown team the Saints, soon after the end of the game, Wayne will to dispel those feelings of disappointment, set his sights on next season, he said: "I certainly hope to win, we must come back next season, re-launched its attack on the Super Bowl."

Wayne then magnanimously in history, there are many examples to learn from the Green Bay 60's, 70's Minnesota, Pittsburgh, Dallas and Miami, 80 years Washington, Denver, San Francisco, 90 years of Buffalo, Dallas, Denver, in the 21st century such as New England powerhouse can do a lot of two or more consecutive seasons rounded out the Super Bowl, even though the game has just been disappointing in the past, but the Colts this season, there is still much to be proud of, for example,

The creation of NFL regular season game winning streak (23 games)
10 years to win the regular season played (115 games)
7 consecutive seasons of at least win 12 games each season's NFL record of
There are 7 games in the fourth quarter comeback, the creation of NFL record
Peyton - Manning 4 th regular-season MVP set NFL records

Peyton - Manning concluded: "I think the playoffs playing well, played a level of consecutive weeks, the Saints have played this game with some brilliant, but still not good enough, so lost super wrist Champion . "In late December, the Colts also maintain the state of the former 14-week victory, it is possible to realize the regular season victory, but the Colts management in order to better prepare for the playoffs the last two weeks on ice for the main force, leading to two game losing streak, in the middle of the fans attracted a lot of criticism. Pierre took over the outside - Gason Water Well: "I am the last game at the university in order to defeat the end, you can not always think about this incident, which took over them, you take him as a future comeback momentum. "The current impasse in labor negotiations for the Colts is a good thing, such as the go oh no salary cap next season, meaning the ball less than 6 years of age at the player can not become a non-restricted free agent, the Colts are the average union Age fifth lower ball team, help ensure the integrity of the lineup next season, although the agreement also stipulates that the team can not sign free agent market, casual players, unless they also let go a player, right for the Colts is not a problem, they are more willing to let rookie to supplement the shortfall.

Colts owner Jim - Ilse revealed that, in addition to renewal Peyton - Manning, the team no more moves, some other casualty's return also make the new season of the Colts more powerful, cutting-edge things to take over Anthony -- Gonzalez had been high hopes, but he was affected by the knee injury that almost scrapped the whole season, leading rookie Gason and Austin - Collie had opportunities to show, both the data very well this season, coupled with stable Tight end Wayne and Dallas - Clark, Peyton - Manning has five high-level next season passing target is expected to play NFL's best passing offense.