Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sanchez was teacher pointing rapid growth

Brett - Faffe, Peyton - Manning, Drew - Brisbane, as well as Mark - Sanchez.

These are the Federation into the final four this season, the team leader's name, Mark - Sanchez as a rookie than a lot of fame quarterback league career has just entered the door to go further. Sanchez said: "It feels good, like just a dream, you have gradually grown up, rookie season, playing in Indianapolis, the League of Nations finals, you're really amazing." Perhaps not so magical in the last six years, there are three rookie 4 Sub-Wei entered the AP final, and two others were present Steelers - Roethlisberger and Joe Ravens - Flacco.

1998 Peyton - Manning with the first identity Colts won, the rookie quarterback to sit on the sidelines can only watch the game history, Manning the past 11 years has been the Colts starting in 1991 Faffe at the Rookie to sit for a year in Atlanta bench, then was traded to Green Bay after the main branded. After 10 years in San Diego, Brisbane as the Lightning team had a rookie just starting times, Peyton - Manning the same period star Ryan - Cliff occupies the throne of the starter. Faffe, said: "Everybody wants to attend the Super Bowl, when you get older, the more cherish this opportunity, especially if you played the Super Bowl game, once you know how difficult it go, does not matter how good you are , we can put Pittsburgh and the Giants as an example, if you can seize the opportunity. "Jets this season, very Shan Yuzhua opportunities, they are seven regular season games, there are two playoff win, all very difficult score very close.