Friday, March 19, 2010

Veteran full-Wei contract with the Jets for one year

New York Jets and the full-Wei Tony - Richardson on a one-year contract agreement, the league's best backcourt to intercept one of the leaders will be only the league's best offensive team the ball and then washed the effectiveness of a year.

Richardson, 38 years old, will enter his 16th NFL season, has done more than 1000 yards red player pioneer, including the past two seasons, Thomas - Jones. Tuesday's signing this jet, the official signing took place in Latin America wearing Neanderthal - Tomlinson, the same day.

Richardson, a three-time All-Star in 2001-03 to help the Kansas City Royals Priestley - Holmes three consecutive red balls over 1000 yard seasons in 2005, helping Larry - Johnson Chong Ball more than 1000 yd. In the next effect in Minnesota during the season, helping Chester - Taylor completed the same results. 2007 Adrian - Petersen, in his rookie season on the red ball 1341 yards, in which Richardson played an important role.