Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Patriots get four compensatory draft picks

New England Patriots free agent last year, losing the big winner. Patriots team has won the NFL draft in April up to the 4 compensation draft picks. These picks are sections 6 (1, total 205) and the seventh round (3, total 247,248,250 bits). New England Patriots before the 2009 season, lost Heath - Evans, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Gaffney, Larry - Isa, Lamont - Jordan and Lonnie - Paxton, only signed Brandon - wheat Gao Wen.

Overall, 32 such picks are distributed at the Monday off, there are 19 teams receive at least one. Carolina, Pittsburgh and Tennessee, each team received three, while Atlanta, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Philadelphia are two. To get a compensation draft picks are Green Bay, Detroit, Jacksonville, Miami, Minnesota, Oakland, St. Louis, San Diego, Seattle, Tampa Bay and San Francisco.